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Article: Is Curly hair drier than Straight Hair?

Curly Hair

Is Curly hair drier than Straight Hair?

Well,yes it can be...

Curly hair is often drier than straight hair because the natural oils produced by the scalp take longer to reach the hair shaft in curly hair due to its twists and turns.

Curly hair can often be coarse in texture which can make  it feel dryer, but may not be the case. Curly hair like all hair types is prone to dryness if not treated correctly. 

The light often shines off flat surfaces such as straight hair , giving the appearance of shiny healthy hair. It's important for individuals with curly hair to use proper hair care products and techniques to keep their hair moisturised and healthy.

OiTO recommends using THE MASK weekly for a full conditioning treatment, this will ensure your curls stay bouncing, shiny and hydrated.

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