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Article: Is going grey currently on Trend?

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Is going grey currently on Trend?

Embracing grey hair has been on trend for the past few years.

Women are tired of the expense and maintenance of topping up regrowth, with blocky tints.  It's a lot of effort for something that is sometimes noticeable after only 2 weeks.

Grey hair can be lower maintenance,  unique and a stylish choice, helping individuals stand out and express their individuality.
Embracing grey hair can be seen as a way of accepting and celebrating the natural ageing process, promoting self-confidence and self-acceptance.

It saves money by reducing the need for regular salon visits.
Fewer hair dye products can reduce the environmental impact associated with hair colouring chemicals and packaging.
Not to mention the chemicals involved in regular colouring, going Grey has its positives ,for sure.

However, it's essential to remember that personal preferences vary, and not everyone may feel comfortable or confident with grey hair. The decision to embrace grey hair should be a personal one based on individual style and preferences. Grey hair has been a trending hair color in recent years, with many people deliberately dyeing their hair shades of grey or silver. It's not necessarily a "new" trend, but it has gained popularity as a fashion statement and a way to embrace natural aging.

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